Tip # 1.

If your going through the planning stages of your 2020/ 2021  Wedding, try not to get overwhelmed, you have a lot to do,  just take it one step at a time. The key to not getting "Stressed out " is organization.   This can be managed, very elaborate or quite simple.  it all depends on your methods. Try dividing the parts of your wedding into blocks.  like  Getting Ready, Ceremony, Dinner, or the Reception.  list the things needed then,check off as accomplished.  keep it in your smart phone, Laptop or a booklet.  try to come up with an underlining theme, this will keep you on track !!  to often a bride will be mesmerized by Pinterest  (they may all be great ideas) but not go together in one setting   stay focused !!   

Tip # 2. 
Think Out side of the box for your Wedding day,  This Wedding season "Movie  theme's " are big !!!  to be unique,  Add your favorite Movie or Movies to your decor,  try something different bring in a splash of bold color ( a little goes a long way !! )  If your going to do a sweets or candy bar keep it simple and small and more elegant. unless your doing a free-for-all, for the Kids at your wedding  !!! people don't eat that much candy !!!  Try a Pop-Corn Bar .... We are always in favor of limited alcohol at any wedding, if your doing an open bar keep it  to wine and beer just a few brands of beer and wine and make rail drinks " cash bar" or do a signature drink if your guest  lean more in that direction!  

Tip # 3
With 40% of our wedding ceremonies done outside the church, try to pick a location that speaks to you, sometimes its more convenient  to have the ceremony and reception in one location. this also gives you more time on photos ( not having to travel from the ceremony site)  Remember no mater what you choose  the ceremony is a personal decision not to be taken lightly.  We're  personally in favor of no guest photos during the ceremony, (only by your professionals) We like your guest to have a personal view not through their phone's camera lens , its more meaningful, and emotional!  make sure you meet with the individual performing the ceremony. to get a feel of there style of service.  We like to add a personal touch to our ceremonies by having the couple  jot down a few things about each other, we then incorporate, their feeling into the readings. so when we are going through the service, we are truly speaking about the couple's feeling about each other. Ask about our Officiant Services ! 

Enjoy your Planning !!!